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TV Spots

Cross channel flights on national TV.

Classic TV spots emotionally stage brands and draw the attention of a national target group to your products. So that your brand is perceived on TV, we plan your media budget in a targeted manner in the broadcasting environment, so that you achieve a targeted advertising presence whether at short notice for the following month or as part of an annual plan.

With expert knowledge and individual customer support, we ensure that your brand is present on national TV regardless of whether it is on the public channels ARD and ZDF, the private channels such as RTL, Sat.1 and ProSieben or in niche channels such as Sport1, ntv or sixx.

  • Great coverage on national TV
  • Strong awareness of advertising through TV spo
  • Media planning for targeted control of advertising
  • Cross channel advertising for high contact numbers
  • Significant increase in advertising awareness and reminder
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TV Special Advertisement

Your product on the big TV stage

Special forms of advertising offer a perfect platform for brands by integrating advertising messages directly into the current program content. The integration takes place in the look and feel of the brand, so that the full attention of TV viewers is achieved.
Your brand can also be integrated into an existing broadcasting environment on factboards , presentations, split screens or skyscrapers, so that you can communicate advertising stimuli with a unique feature in households.

  • Great coverage on national TV
  • No TV spot necessary, since static graphics are used
  • Low entry hurdles, since you can work with animation and without a TV spot
  • Comparatively low cost
  • Unique selling point of advertising
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Addressable TV

Via national TV to the households in the region

Addressable TV offers the opportunity to address selected customer groups on Smart TV individually and target group specific on national TV Spectators can be addressed with the right advertising, for example by region or demographic characteristics such as age, gender, marital status and household income However, specific characteristics such as dog owners, home garden owners, borrowers or drivers can also serve as filters for advertising.

Two households see the same program, but different, individually tailored advertising for the household.


  • Use of the national TV program
  • No TV spot necessary, since static graphics are used
  • Individual targeting and regional addressability
  • Low entry hurdles and comparatively low costs
  • Accurate tracking similar to online advertising
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TV advertising to increase sales

With DRTV (Direct Response TV) the focus is on immediate contact sales image advertising or product application are not permitted with this form of advertisin.

A DRTV spot always contains response elements, such as telephone numbers or Internet addresses, so that viewers can react directly to the spot
DRTV advertising environments have the great advantage that they can be seen as an inexpensive entry into TV advertising, whereby the placement of the spot is always based on availability at the TV broadcaster and a fixed booking in advance cannot be guaranteed.


  • Great coverage on national TV
  • Comparatively low cost
  • Focus on direct sales
  • Short term booking options
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