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TV Spot Production

We showcase your brand

With our own production unit for TV spots, we create an environment full of emotions, passion, excitement and authenticity for your brand.
Our team creates a creative storyboard, organizes the desired set for the shoot and finally brings the idea to life so that you can communicate your message in the TV advertising block.
We always work with a recording resolution of up to 4.6K, so that breathtaking ultra HD images are created using the latest technology, which place your brand and products in a high quality in the target group.

  • Creation of a storyboard
  • Organization of the set for the shoot
  • Booking and briefing of the actors
  • High quality implementation of the TV spot shoot
  • Post production
  • Sound design including speaker
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Brands are brought to life.

Digital media content is becoming more and more part of our daily life. The digital advertising space at the bus stop, the LED boards in the football stadium or the animated split screen in the Smart TV. Hardly any advertising medium can do without animated clips.

We bring your logo to life by providing it with appropriate visual effects, embedding it in your CI world and adapting it to the respective advertising medium in such a way that an entertaining story is told.

In this way, it is perfectly possible to explain brands without the support of a soundtrack and to place products with great attention among consumers.

  • Animation of your logo through visual effects
  • Integration of the animation into your CI
  • Adaption of the advertising message to the digital advertising medium
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Credible presentation of brand values and company culture


A high quality image film serves the positive representation of your brand and brings the viewer into your corporate world , so that the film can be used offline at events or trade fairs as well as online on your website or
social media channels.

Already in the early concept phase for your image film, we take the brand values and the corporate culture of your company as the basis for the story , which we then implement in a high quality film.
The final cut of the images is staged in post production with a suitable (GEMA free ) music track and a speaker so that you can present your brand credibly .

  • Creation of a storyboard
  • Organization of the set for the shootBooking and briefing of actors
  • High quality implementation of the image film shoot
  • Post Production with sound design and speaker
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Social Media Content

Content is King, Context is Queen


Good moving picture content on your social media channels offers the unique opportunity to tell stories and make your company tangible for your target group.
Home stories, personality, creative company presentations or interaction formats reach your target group precisely. The possible uses are almost limitless: product information, recruiting, customer loyalty and new customer acquisition can be supported with attractive moving picture content in the area of social media.

  • High acceptance in the target group
  • Tailored topic control
  • Owned media is upgraded and becomes more relevant in the target group
  • Virality effects possible through organic distribution
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